Topic: mapping & scripting

aside from the new scripting language... the way scripts are added should be changed... or at least the choices of ways to add them in...
like, i noticed... when you walk into the dragon lair, and walk through the hall it says  "you feel warm air.." or something, but the same when you walk out... now, scripting tiles should be able to be set to only be activated by someone walking a certain way... so when you walk in it says it, but not when you walk out... and also, possibly wall tile properties that allow entry through one, two or three ways, and exist through one, two or three ways... somewhat like a maze type thing. it may seem useless, but you'll find uses for it in the future smile
and in the new mapper... when dealing with walls, being as how some are set up... maybe where the cursor is (where the tile would be placed) should be highlighted so you can see exactly where it is going, instead of a general idea as to how you'll see it on the map.. because, really.... with how some of the art is set up, it'll look higher up than it really is.

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Re: mapping & scripting

Umm also the Lag when entering that dragon cave is horrible. It sort of spawns you inside the wall then walks you out through it.

Its not Lag...umm i dunno what it is but when i enter the cave i cant move for about 5 seconds cause the game is walking me through the entrance sorta thing~


Re: mapping & scripting

Visualcode wrote:

The problem is the fact that you spawn too close to the wall. This causes you to
enter the wall. Then, there is a problem when you enter walls where you sort
of freeze err, well you can move, but spells don't work...

Next time I'm in game, show me this spawn so I can perhaps fix it.