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When Beta started for this client, there was a button on the keyboard that displayed all currently learned spells along the top edge of the screen and i thought that was a very useful quicktab for changing spells, one button to access all spells instead of the preset 8 or scrolling through pages in the UI.


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yea I remember that.

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It was nice. I intend to put it back in.


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That and the graphic inventory display were nice..


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For the new server, containers would be nice.  Like backpacks and pouches in UO.  ACTUALLY, to totally steal and modify an UO idea, I think that the backpack could have finite volume AND weight.  Thus, if you have 10,000 lead bars and 3 claymores in your bag, you might rip it.. thus you can't put that much in, AND if you had that much, you would walk as a snails pace.  I think that perhaps a weight vs strength system could be added... but that's for the future. smile


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How about making those last 2 spaces useable also wink


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gotta love star wars eh mumblee


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Don't be too proud of this technological terror you have constructed. The ability to carry 10,000 iron bars is insignificant next to the power of the force (of weight in backpacks).