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Topic: New Monster

I had the idea. A little while ago i used to be hounded by noobs to tame monsters for them to use while Lumberjacking etc because they got killed. Also Players would then hassle them.

What if you could create an NPC that you could Hire out bodyguards which where effectively Town Guards...They eat GP the same way an animal eats items. Once the GP ran out they ran back to the NPC..or died. I just thought it would be an idea...something to help out here and there.

Also a good idea in my opinion is changing the characteristics of Tamed animals to that of summons. This would eliminate people ruining spawns etc.

Dont know nhow you would do it but basically. When you tame an animal its value changes to appear as if you have summoned it. Meaning if it gets too hungry instead of running away It dies. Also if you set it free...it dies. This would stop spawns being ruined either on purpose or from people accidently running out of food and having a mecha in the blues cave etc etc.