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Topic: Cleanup..

I assume that this was already planned, but I thought I could reiterate it.  After the new client, Faldon needs a drastic cleanup.  What I mean by this is more proffesionalism, prompt booting for profanity, active board moderation, frequent announcements, etc.
If this was to happen, the game would quickly become much more enjoyable for everyone.


Re: Cleanup..

I've attempted to get the profanity stopped, but that takes help from Ms and with the current system it's too easy for idiots to create new accounts and spam up the place with more profanity.  With a new server that has some better account verification and better banning powers, I think we can effectively cut down on it.  I gave up trying to moderate the boards long ago.  Without any banning powers, all I can do is delete the spam every day.. not a very fun thing when idiots like Guest Fr3ak post a worthless reply to 100 topics in a day.


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Well, I've been getting the logs from Zer recently, so I can compare IPs that way.  Also, with next server update, there should be some extra tools to help us to police.


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Mumblee wrote:

I don't have a problem with profanity, that's what the swear filter is there for, but i'm quick to mute/boot when people start up with the racial slurs or things of that nature.

Thank the Lord Mumblee someone sees the sense in all of this.

The game is supposed to be 18+ correct? i thought it said something about that in the tos...if your over 18 you can swear all you like. You are an Adult you take responsibility for your own actions.

If you do not like seeing the swear words then you need to turn the curse filter on.

Maybe implement some way for the M/GM to add words to the curse filter in realtime. You see a word you dont like...add it to the list.

Now im not 100% for that idea because there are some people that take the swearing and vulgarity a very long way without actually diving into anything racial and that needs to be taken care of also.


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how bout this on the boards you must provide your character or characters name if you post shit you get a warning do it again and you lose a lvl in all your characters (if its possible) and 1 stat point taking off everything. this will defently stop people posting shit on the forums and in the game. just an idea not sure if it will work or not.


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just post on the forum under a lvl1 character....


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The solution on the board is relatively simple; we need active moderators watching posts.  That's it.  We need people who are willing to devote time to the boards, delete vulgar posts, issue temporary account bans, and eventually delete accounts.
Within Faldon itself the problem is a little more complicated with respect to coding (I imagine).  Moderators need to have the ability to issue temporary IP bans.  I realize there are ways of changing your IP, but at least it forces the person to reset their internet connection and crawl under the table to disconnect the phone line. 
IP banning would require one more thing - active moderators.  Moderators are like stock: you buy into them, and hope you'll gain by the time they fall.  We need to be constantly looking for new ones and disposing of the old inactive and lazy ones.


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And not overlooking those for so long that eventually it becomes too late and you have missed your chance.