Topic: Graphics library

I'm finally almost done with the graphics library. It can properly read and write BMP, FSA, PC1 and PC2, has a templatized blitter which supports arbitrary 8x8 matrices, pixel-perfect picking (versus bounding box in the present client), alpha channel support for PC2s (character art and a few of the monsters), etc. Text displays fine now. A screenshot from my test program is here.

All that's left now is to add methods for querying font-wide text metrics, e.g. how many pixels there are between lines. After that I can start on the GUI. And after that I can begin on the game code, which is the genuinely interesting part.


Re: Graphics library

Hm, well, by GUI I meant the internals and behavior, not the graphics themselves. Those may change but I haven't really given them much thought yet.


Re: Graphics library

Yeah, most people seem to like the old one better. It was more or less a copy of Diablo's, but definitely easier to select spells, etc. with. At least if we're thinking of the same old one (there were two, I am speaking of the first one, with the elves with purple capes).