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I thought this was neat, just discovered it today. If you let a slinky move by gravity while the side of it contacts a mildly cushioned chair armrest (not allowing the top to move, such that the slinky acts like a spring stretched by gravity), the sound it makes as the different metal sections brush against the armrest is the movie spaceship laser firing noise.


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I swear jimmy... you're a crackhead... how exactly did you come by finding this out? Maybe you have more time than any of us do... and i have lots of it big_smile

Did you know that if you take a radio, and put a metal file infront of it... and tape a wire to one end and tape that wire to a battery... and have another wire taped to it; when you run the wire along the file, it makes the radio staticy

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oh that used to happen when I was testing blown magnetrons with a megger(240-1000V tester). If it was shorten to earth, it use to fuzz the radio.

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big_smile you take a week off and you go mad...well slinky's are always Fun...;)


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See what happens, you take a week off and no one posts anything anymore. tongue

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It's slinky... it's slinky.  Everybody loves a slinky!

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just a random thought, but does anyone remember the slinky paroding log song from ren and stimpy?.....i was a big fan...


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Yea, I remember it. smile