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Well, two days of work remaking my webpage and here is the result. It would have been faster but I had to teach myself PHP while I was doing it, so. :-)

All the libraries from my old page are available here too, and there's a bit more description for each of them, and more importantly this page isn't hideous, and that one was.

In addition to the aforementioned open source software, I intend to use this website as a development journal. Right now I am rewriting the client for an online RPG I wrote named Faldon (in the Links page if you are interested), so that is what I will be detailing. The rewrite is only in the early stages thus far, but it is coming along.


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Congradulations! ...


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i congradulate you on the site, but i beg of you, please fix the chaotic world of faldon, my main criticism is that the pets don't always transfer from one map to another


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That's more of a server problem than anything, sadly, though I think it's because the map you're going to has no more free monster slots (happens after the server's been running for a while :-/). The server will eventually get rewritten too but that'll be after the client.


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Nice... client re-write = much good la~

Make sure it is such that it can easily be updated and upgraded/added to when it's finished. And of course try to do it within a reasonable timeframe smile

Oh, and nice site. Simple but functional, hope that's also what your code for the new client is like. ^_^


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One problem with something like that is that the game's code is being transmitted for all eyes to see.


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I'm not so worried about people trying to copy it rather than use it as a base for hacks.


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Perhaps.  Still seems easier to just have a patcher and send compiled code.  No one that plays Faldon is smart enough to know Assembly, so it's fool proof. tongue


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Okay, so 1 person.  The other ones can't even write a coherent sentence and download "cool uber cheat hax00rs.exe".