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This isn't a big enough issue to post on the main page, so I'm using this forum instead.

I just got highlighting done (on the graphics end of it), so moving the mouse over characters can show a bit of description at the top of the screen (this might move at some point).

While doing that I moved most of the code from the Label control into a class that can be called independently of any particular control, so that'll make it easy to implement the status area. So, any suggestions on that are welcome -- for instance, should I give it a maximum number of lines, or just have it scroll up and have a timeout on individual messages? The current one stores five lines and times out and closes after a certain period of inactivity for the status area, as opposed to doing anything on a line-by-line basis. That sort of thing. Any ideas or shall I keep it how it is?


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Well, the concern I have about allowing it to go up and up is when you get hit a lot or people are spamming death or similar, you're going to have a giant column of text scrolling up the side of the screen.  I saw in another game where the chat box is at the top of the screen and you have to press ESC to get to it to type, but when you've activated it, it shows the boundaries of the box and you can adjust how high you would like it.  Then, when you've sent your message or close the box, it completely disappears except for the text.  Then, the text will scroll down the screen until it reaches the bottom of the limit you set or until it timesout.

I think that having a button that shows the size of the control would be good where you could resize the box as needed/desired, then once you've set the size of the box, the box disappears and only text will show up.  Then, the text will "grow" up the text area until it reaches the top or timesout.

I hope that made sense, if not, I'll elaborate/post pictures.

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Well I dont really see much change needs to be done in the gm thunder area, other then removing other peoples death messages.

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How about also having options when you click on a char too? eg Stats ,Attack, Chat to, Add to freinds list(thats if you add one)
The stats could show title, lvl, and guild or so. the chat to could auto write in the chat t (name). A gm could have other options like kick,mute,etc.

I keep my ideals, because in spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.


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Couldn't a similar thing be accomplished on the who list?  Or, even, allow them to share that code.


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Well it could, tho that means people would see everybodys stats anywhere

I keep my ideals, because in spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.


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Five lines sounds more than sufficient for any message that would go in GM thunder, in my opinion.  But I don't see why you cannot add scrolling as well, it sounds like a good idea.  The only other thing I'd change is maybe putting GM Thunder messages on the chat screen or displaying it as some popup message (i.e. like ones from server disconnects or the too many passwords screen or the help bars, et. al.) rather than as a temporary message on screen in the status area.

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Keep it as a temporary chat.

I keep my ideals, because in spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.


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How would you select the GM Thunder area? The same region, graphically, is used for gameplay. Unless anyone can think of a way around that..? That's why I don't think it'd be viable.
I'm going to make the number of lines customizable in Settings.User.xml since there's no reason not to. It's not a common enough change to warrant an in-game button though IMHO.

As for putting the messages on the chat screen, my concern is that that would add a lot of clutter, unless we greatly pared down the number of messages that get sent.

Zammbi: We could do that. But how would someone activate such a window? Left and right click are at present taken for attack and special ability (well, spell/skill generally) when in single-player-control mode. Runescape has that though and for GM commands especially it'd be quite nice. In truth I think it's a great interface for everything (replacing left/right click) but it'd be a big change for Faldon players and the present Diablo-style control scheme certainly gives more of an action game feel..


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Well im sure people would like it instead of an attacking(left click), but say you could turn it off so you can fight as normal. Anyway it would stop people  hiting a guard/etc by mistake.

I keep my ideals, because in spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.


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I still don't think it needs its own window or that it should go into the status screen, but those are just my two cents:P


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Hm, the 'X has killed Y!', yeah, will probably have to go at some point, since when lots of people are online it's not that interesting to know anyway.

Well, for now I've implemented it; the delay for it to disappear and the number of lines it can contain are both changeable in Gui/Settings.User.xml. This'll do for now methinks.. when the client is a little further along (like, when it has anything in the background), we can see about changing it into a ListBox (at present ListBoxes have to have scrollbars, and always accept clicks, so they'll have to be improved before any sort of scrolling is even viable).


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How about having options to block the kill messages, and the skill messages.

I keep my ideals, because in spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.


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*Deep breath*

I think the thunder channel should remain but the GM messages should go in maybe Blue chat cause they are often missed zooming by in thunder.

The skills should still appear because otherwise you have no way of knowing if you are doing it correctly or not. the ol "You must target object" would not be shown so you could potentially spend a long time trying to raise that skill with no result.

Tyrranus If the tree is cut you will see it...what if your standing there chopping for 20min and it there is no message saying "This tree has already been chopped"...hmmmm.

I frequently take use of the Player killed message. When fighting etc it is good to know if your enemy is still around or if they have left and gone off to lvl or stand in their GH. When going to a spawn and someone is there. You can see when a monster kills them so you know that spawn is now free.

The Thudner death area clears up a lot of clutter that would otherwise be in the chat area with constant "are you dead yet"..... "are you still there"....."who killed you"

And visual Omnipitent made lvl 520+ as a mage.

instead of just straight out geting rid of things why not give the option to people. have a little setting to turn on thunder chat or not..same way you filter the message area. I like to see when people login or logout cause it signifies when i start and stop talking to them. With n notification I could ramble on for a while.

And as for clicking on the persons name to see stats.....Isnt this what Animal lore is for wink


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Well apparently there are new monsters for mages....On the new map roll

Yeah i was wrong to suggest its fair for a mage to lvl when really they are presented with dires and maybe tigers.
Was just using Omni who is now lvl553 as an example that it can be done as a mage but not neccessarily the best way.