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I've been working on a couple neat features. Since I'm using a horrible keyboard today (spilled water on my other one, letting it dry), and can't type very fast on it, I'll let you all guess what the aforementioned features might be. There are about three or four of them.

Anyhow here's the screenshot.


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My guesses:

-Docking of windows
-working health/mana/energy bars
-I see a little man standing there, but I dont think he's the actually in game character
-Different colors for the various chat types (bcast, yell, etc)

am I right? tongue


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zer why dont you open the client as it is now for testing ?


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Different colors I had a while ago smile Including multiple in one line, recently

Haven't done docking or working health/mana/energy bars yet

The little man there is very related, as are the auto variables, and that torus around him [still working on graphics code, not game logic]

karona: Because it's not very functional yet.


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Ok, well here is what it is since the last update I mentioned...

Player display, paperdolling, etc.
Animations (pathfinding routes through possible animations, and playback)
Color cycling support for that (interpolates between two 8x8 matrices)
Rotation for said player

Next up is reusing most of the above code for monsters, and then slightly less for projectiles. Objects don't animate (maybe they should?) so they'll be a little different codingwise. Still, from here, in a few days I'll have all the entity types' basic drawing and animation code done. Then I'll be putting in highlighting (showing names, etc. when the mouse goes over a character) and status text (the gm thunder area). I welcome any suggestions w.r.t. those, since I'll be implementing them soon


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Actually Mumblee that brings up a good point.
This client uses FreeType instead of the Windows font system, for portability reasons and because it gives me more control over functionality.
So, to use any fonts at all we're going to have to find some good, free ones.

Player reputation itself is server side. If healing and necromancy spells did that though, it'd be drop dead easy to macro, yes?


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Well, the reason that's a problem is it only has a two character long history.

If the history was, say, 20 people, it'd be a lot harder to rig, yes? smile


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Though I suppose the same could be said for healing people or hitting them with spells.


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As for the display for OnMouseOver, can you put a drop shadow or something behind that as well as items and such?  As it is now, a lot of items and stuff can't be read on, for example, the desert tiles.  The colors are just too close (perhaps just for me and my colorblindness).


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Sure thing. I'll try it anyway and see how it looks. That's a couple days from now though


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Everything looks great and good luck Jimbo.


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Objects don't animate (maybe they should?)

Yes I agree that they should if thats meaning walls/ground tiles.

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Wall tiles can already be animated... like the fountain.


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Hey Aaron and Djiin smile


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Actually the new ground and wall tiles can't yet. Eventually though


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Oh yea forgot about the fountain, so what do you mean by objects then zer?
hello there cat~

I keep my ideals, because in spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.


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I dont know if thats the screen the GM's get or what.....But there are a few features that confuse me.

You have a New Character and Password on the WhoIs screen...????

And a login button.

Does this mean you can log in and out of the game while still staying in the window and in chat ???


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No, since the new client cant load up graphics it does a imprint of what screen was there before if you get what I mean.

I keep my ideals, because in spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.


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Zammbi: Swords and the like, on the ground.

Jesus: I just don't have it clearing the screen yet, so it keeps whatever was there before. I'm just testing tiles and character paperdolling there.

tyrannus: Hehe, I'm using that as a ground tile right now, with the camera focused on it, and a player two tiles away. The camera is rotating (though in more directions than I'd ever let it do in a real game). smile


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I dont really get the little man in the window what is it for? or is that a example showing you can put pics in the window?

I keep my ideals, because in spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.


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I find it funny that now that you have physical evidence to show change people are starting to pay a lot more attention to the clients progress wink as im sure there is a heck of a lot of work done before this stage.

Its coming along nicely though.....except that little man is rather confusing tongue