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Well, I'm back, so I'll be starting work on the Faldon rewrite again in the next few days. I'll answer any questions about the trip in the Comments section, since I'm not really sure what to go into detail about and that'll be easier than making a really long post. smile


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what was it like over there?? hot ? sticky from it being humit?? eat any good good there?? did you brown bag it? I am not sure if there is any good Philippno resturants in New Jersey So I dont know if thier food is good..


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Well, it was a mission trip, but mostly we painted schools, also karaoke but that wasn't really mission-related.

It was about eighty five degrees Farenheit there. Not very humid, though supposedly it is rather muggy in the summer. We visited a bunch of different areas and it was interesting to see the culture and how people live in various areas, etc. Foodwise? Hmm, well, it was the first time I'd had mangoes (they were fresh) or bananas which were actually good, that sort of thing. Kombo (fried banana in a doughnut sort of crust) was one of my favorite things there. Tried making it here and due to bananas in Ohio being gritty and utterly devoid of flavor, it didn't turn out well.. I tried fresh sugar cane also, never had that before. Not surprisingly it's very sweet.

One neat thing is that there are next to no traffic lights, stop signs, speed limits etc. in the Philippines. Despite that everything moves smoothly most of the time, but it certainly makes traffic in the States look tame to say the least. smile

More than the externals though seeing the culture had a real effect on me. It's hard for me to describe exactly and there are so many aspects but at least one thing, hmm.. suffice to say nearly everything is more laid back than in the States. It seemed a more human place. Hm. Anyhow that's enough for now


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mission trip? as in mormon mission?


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No, I'm Catholic. It was only two weeks long. smile


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Hm, here are some pictures by the way. smile

Mindanao Sea at Sunset

House at Basay
We stayed at Grimar and his wife's house. His wife is a teacher at the Basay center. I don't remember her name though. sad

Driving Back from Basay
This is taken from a truck, driving back from Basay. Emil was driving incredibly fast, and since there isn't any traffic control it was exciting to say the least. smile Not as much as on the way back, in Manila, but I don't have any pictures of that.

The house we stayed in
This place (and the one in the next picture) is up for sale for 1 million peso (about $18,000). It extends back to the sea, though I never saw that far back.

The house behind the one we stayed in

The Boulevard in Dumaguete
These are the Dumaguete lights, and the area is just called "the Boulevard." Young couples go here.

Forest Camp 1
Forest Camp is a resort-type area. We stopped there one day. It's 20 peso per person per day. Very pretty. I had halo-halo, which in this case is where they take a young coconut and cut it open and put mango ice cream in the middle. Normally it'd also contain ubi, which is a purple sweet potato, corn flakes, and other things, but Riodell and Marietta advised that since as Americans we wouldn't be immune to the water there we should avoid anything with ice in it and that normally has ice. Coconut meat on a young coconut tastes like tapioca.

Forest Camp 2
This is the part of Forest Camp where one can order food. smile Folks were there from an International School in Seoul that day, as part of a Habitat project.

Maladpapai Market
This is the market at Maladpapai. It's only on Wednesdays, and people from the mountains and also across the sea (the next picture shows said sea) come to trade goods there. Haggling is expected.

Apo Island
Apo Island is a protected marine environment (no fishing around it). Lots of rare fish and such.

Petty Cab
Petty Cabs are the Filipino equivalent of the taxi. They're about 5 peso for the motorcycle variety or 3 peso for the bicycle variety, which you see in more rural areas. There might be taxis in Manila, I don't know, since we were on Negros Oriental the whole time.

On another note, it's very strange to be blond and white in a country where everyone has black hair. After I got used to being there, even looking in the mirror was a strange experience. Needless to say that never happened to me in the US. smile Getting back to Cleveland and noticing how tall and wide people were was also a shock. Anyhow that's enough for now. smile


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those pictures are wild....i've definately never seen stuff like that first hand...
....it almost looks like you were on the set of one of those bad 2970's zombie movies smile


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errrrrr 1970's *


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Hey, regarding the GUI... currently if you click and drag the scroll bar, it moves the inrire window tongue thats a small annoyance, but meh.

Secondly, I sugest supporting scriptable Interfaces... for example, I could render up a card table top, cards ect... and then have an openable table with a scripted card game that displays on screen for a mini game, eliminating hardcoding, and allowing more flexibility.

we could add all kinds of mini games, and parts of quests that use scripted onscreen graphics... big_smile


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A more advance scripting system would be sweet~


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The new GUI doesn't have the 'move the entire window' problem, thankfully. As far as scripting goes, that'd require server interaction too I'd think, unless you mean for something entirely client side?


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Yeah it would need server interaction... ah just thought of somthing else, the trade window tongue, that needs a better refreshing rate or *somthing*... maybe more clear indication that someone has changed the trade somehow. and again im talking about something that works along side the server tongue

BTW zer if you get this I need to speak to you on MSN tongue


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Hmm, Visualcode, what is the benefit of doing that for visibility, over having the entities just display on screen (they all do that AFAICS, so why script it)?


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yeah I know what visualcode is talking about, individual players need to see DIFFERNT things, like when something has changed after person A completed a quest and then player B (who hasnt done the quest) would see it in its original form. blah im horrible at explaining things tongue

well on the topic of scripting NPC actions, I would love to be able to totally coriagraph thier every move tongue for example...

at time 1 have them wander about town, and time 2 have them go and sit at the pub, at time 3 have them return home and do something else...

and able to trigger the character animations, such as bow, sit, laugh, ect...