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Topic: Report To Moderator Button

Just got off from playing Faldon with the absolute F**KER being racist and rude to everyone and  there was no way of reporting him to a moderator from within the game. So my suggestions is a button in the game that brings up a quick form that you can enter the persons name and your complaint and then any or all the moderators can look at it and decided if a punishment is a good idea.

oh and by the way the guys name was JMB or JBm something like that


Re: Report To Moderator Button

u smart ass that aint wat i ment lol


Re: Report To Moderator Button

I don't know how that would work... how would you prove your accusation?
Also, there aren't enough Ms/GMs in Faldon to check through all the reports that would come in.  Knowing the Faldon community, at least half would be fake.