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Topic: partical system

It would be cool if there was a partical system, which I guess can be similar to this client but able to edit and save them. Able to choose multiple colours, sizes, birth rate, movement, size decay and how long they live,also maybe how transparent they are. Then this would be also great if able to link them in scripts, and possible use them as spell art. This way we don't need to make any new art for spells. Because then we can do things from water bolts to huge fire walls. Also then we can use them for water falls, spills, camp fires, smoke, etc etc.
Oh even would be great if used even in monsters, this would able to create water/wind/fire elementals, ghosts, etc.
And! if able to add to scripts then could add partials to weapons, so could make a fire sword, or have fire arrows.
I think this would be a great addition if added. Then would stop the need to create a lot of art, and if done right would make maps look really nice. The possibilities are endless! smile

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