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Topic: Enchanting


Enchanting needs to be completely redone.

Here's a possible system:

3 different types of enchantment can be placed on all items:
-soul bind

The sacred enchant is done by a member of a certain religion, each religion has its own sacred enchant that boosts the power in a certain way, resists etc.  To be able to sacred enchant an item, a player must be priest in their religion and have XX enchanting skill (Something relatively high, say master enchanting).
For example, in the present religion system, to a weapon, GeG may add 1 minimum damage and 1 maximum damage, and Paladin sacred enchant could add +15% resist all.

Non-religious enchanting is completely indepent of this and relies solely on enchanting skill.  The different temporal enchants would progress somewhat like this:
dim - 1.00 skills
glowing - 20.00 skills
light - 50.00 skills
shining - 70.00 skills
bright - 100.00 skills
brilliant - 150.00 skills
The brilliant enchant could possibly be a bonus with the purchase of C for one item of your choice.

Soul bind would require a certain skill (high - something like 170) and a soulstone or something.  Of course this only matters if we have droppable items on death.  An idea like soulbind is probably employed in many games these days, but thats not to say it isnt a good one.

A fully enchanted item would have an enchant from each religion, the highest level of non-religious enchant and a soulbind.


Re: Enchanting

Actually, I had an idea that I thought we might try.
It's not enchanting-specific, but might affect how yall are thinking about skills, so I'll bring it up early.
It originates in my favorite genre being the turn based strategy game, and not the RPG.

How about a tech tree?
Certain levels of skills would be required for other, later skills, which could then be chosen.

Combine this with an idea I get from a BBS game called Exitilus, wherein the Hermit class had to specialize
but ended up the most powerful. So, specialization. Some 'techs' you could choose would disable other skills.
For instance, to become an ultimate armor smith you would have to specialize such that you couldn't make weapons or whatnot. We could engineer this in such a way along with 'components' so that players would have to work together and get varied skills to make high level items. I haven't figured out how we'll avoid flooding the market, but it could add quite a bit IMO.


Re: Enchanting

Yea that sounds sweet, the market wouldn't be flooded if the items made were useful and hard/long to make. And getting the items needed can be rare for rarer items.

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Re: Enchanting

Although I don't generally like the idea of restricting with tech tree type things, it may be necessary in Faldon.  There needs to be a limit somehow on players being able to make every single thing themselves... it just ruins the game.

So, not a bad idea at all.