Topic: Small updates -> big boost

People are running out of things to do in Faldon.. lvl 700 characters, people with 9 divine skills etc. 
The obvious answer is a wipe - but Ill stay away from that for now.
Instead, would it not be possible just to complete a few skills?  I dont actually know anything about coding/the coding of Faldon, but I cant see it being terribly to difficult to say, add mithril arrows at 85 carpentry.
A few little things like this, allowing more items to be made (which eliminates copying of items), completing skills to allow people to get divine in more things -> carpentry, goldsmith, blacksmith, enchanting etc. would make so much difference in Faldon.
Although it may sound like a fairly small thing, people would be pretty damn excited about it.



Re: Small updates -> big boost

I think that that is a pretty good idea.  I think it should have been done long ago.  The problem of course is that I don't know if Zer would be willing to take the time to do this.  As you said, we don't know how long it would take or how much work it would be, but assuming it's fairly easy (5-10 minute job) I think it would be a very good idea.  Heck, I'd do it if I knew how. wink


Re: Small updates -> big boost

Yea Im guess adding a couple of items extra to be made would be a easy job, so it would be possible to get a title in some skills. Like could add plated boots, elite gauntlets,mace and chain, etc to bs. large healing potion for alc. Bo to carp. And yea...

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