Topic: Potential issue with HIDSharp with USB 2.0 Devices on USB 3.0 ports?

I'm having a very strange issue trying to interface with a USB FullSpeed Generic 64-byte HID via HIDSharp, but the problem *only* appears when connected to USB 3.0 ports.  It's entirely possible (and I would say, likely) that the issue lies on the device end rather than the PC/HIDSharp end, but I wanted to at least check and see if there was anything on the Host PC end I could check?

What I'm seeing is that I'm writing data to EP2 (64 Bytes, 10ms, INT) with a hidStream.Write() call, I can see on my USB analyzer (a Beagle USB 12) that the bytes are making it out to the device but on the device firmware side the endpoint status never reports an Event Pending (Out Buffer Full), which is how my firmware knows that data has been received on the endpoint.  Like I said, it seems more likely to be an issue on the device side, but wanted to at least see if there's any funny business I could check for on the host PC side.

Is anyone aware of any known issues with HIDSharp interfacing with 2.0 devices on 3.0 ports?  Any gotchas I should be aware of maybe?