Topic: About HIDSharp V2.0.5 work on Mac system

    We design one type HID device using at WIN and Mac system both;   I have No.1 and No.2 HID device with different serial number,  at windows platform when we plug and unplug HID, the operation system internal can be refreshed in time, so I can always get right serial number. But mac system is something difference, when I replace No1 with No2 Hid Device, the operation system already refresh device list, but HIDsharp related api can not get the latest one even I add list.changed.
Could you give me some advice on how to fix?
   Thanks in advance

            DeviceList list = DeviceList.Local;
            list.Changed += (sender, e) => Console.Write("Device list changed.\n");   //20181217
            HidDevice[] hidDeviceList = list.GetHidDevices().ToArray();
            List<string> arraylist = new List<string>();
            arraylist.Clear(); //Clear buffer
            foreach (HidDevice onehid in hidDeviceList)
                if ( onehid.VendorID == 0x0483 && onehid.ProductID == 0x5710)
            if (arraylist.Count() == 0)
                throw new Exception("not found device");

            return arraylist.ToArray();


Re: About HIDSharp V2.0.5 work on Mac system

For example, No.1 serial number is  0x11111. and No.2 serial number is 0x22222;  when I plug No.2 HID device(move No1 HID device), the HIDsharp api still get No.1 device serial number:0x111111, not the latest serial number:ox22222