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That's a server thing.

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Re: On to game logic

Zer wrote:

- It's be nice if maps were replaceable on the fly, but this isn't strictly necessary
--- The problem is what to do with things that aren't part of the map itself when the replace occurs...*
---- Move them? To where?
---- Don't move them? Then what if the replacement has a wall where they are?
--- This would make map patching easy, and allow drawbridges and planks on boats, but the above problem will need to be solved

I won't pretend to know enough about programming or game logic to give you advice, but if I understand it, the problem is what to do when these instances are generated with the objects that get in the way, i.e. players or monsters.  Assuming the instance isn't constantly changing (i.e. done once) and the object isn't a complete wall, it might be better just to let it overwrite them and let the player walk out.  It's a cheap non-fix I guess.

Moving the obstacles or objects that aren't part of the map when a replace occurs to me makes more sense.  It is less work and probably less coding logic to keep an object out of the way and keep it on the map than to have the walls drawn around the other non-map objects.  As for the question of where to move them, probably somewhere close to preserve location and habitat of the obstacle, somewhere close but out of the way of the wall if it can be helped. Other than that it might be better to smite them out of existence.

While it is off topic, I'm wondering if you are going to adjust the map size and if so do you plan to adjust the base walking speed at all?  Do you plan to keep "energy run" where people can utilize berserk and shift run simulatously?