Topic: Skill capped weapons.

What about instead of increasing the requirements of the weapons to equip. You also set a required skill to weild it.

of course to do this the weapons would actually need to be split into classes better.

example is not being able to wear a heavy Xbow at 1 archery but at say 80

or a claymore at 70 fencing.

I think this would help the game in terms of forcing people to choose a class. A mage is unlikely going to raise 80 points in archery to wear a weapon of a different class.

Also it would slow leveling a little bit as well. People cant just get a gold plate and claymore on and power there way to 300+

They need to donate some time to their skills. I mean realistically if a mage needs to put in time to cast spells then a warrior should need to work for their ability as well.

Note: Dont know if its been mentioned but maces are severely left out...


Re: Skill capped weapons.

Well by classes i just meant there would need to be a wider array for all classes of weapon. I hear there are plenty of axes on the horizon.

I agree with you the way it is now you need to be trying to Raise Skills, not just using skills.

The thing is they saw low level people wearing high lvl gear and leveling way too easily so they bumped the requirements up forcing them to level. This would follow the same idea of allowing people that posess the skill to weild the weapon.

I just like the idea of rewarding people that take the time to raise their skills. As it currently is the only reward that gets recognised is level. Where there are people that spend equally as much time on their skills.

A Royal chef does not get the same recognition as a lvl 200 player. So how about adding some rewards in terms of areas and boundaries for the skills not just the levels.

Ive talked with other people about this and believe some have similar views...


Re: Skill capped weapons.

I was always a fan of having multiple paths for players.  Those who wanted to be warriors/mages and battle could do so and those who wanted to craft and perform skills could do so.  I think this could really be accomplished (perhaps beyond the horizon when the new server is done, whenever that may be started and finished) by making almost all items in game creatable with skills.  Robes, swords, armor, etc would be made by players using crafting skills.  NPCs might exist, but wouldn't sell as high of quality and would sell for steep prices.  Thus, people would want to buy from the craftsman.  But, the skills should be hard enough to raise and/or require enough resources that everyone doesn't specialize in everything.  As it is now, you can be a GM alchemist, GM carp, GM bs, and a warrior.  It seems to me that if you are going to go for a skill, you should really need to specialize in it.  Also, perhaps some interskill possibilities.  Like, if enchanting is over a certain amount, you have a percentage chance of making a pre/suf weapon.  Perhaps you would need some amount of BS skill to make metal tipped arrows.  Stuff like that.  I also think that requiring tools of the trade to do stuff would help as well.  Like, you must have your BS hammer and be standing next to a forge and anvil to make something with BS.  I know this sounds a lot like UO, but I really think that for skills to be useful, you have to force specialization or else everyone will just make their own stuff if they can get GM BS in a couple days.


Re: Skill capped weapons.

Yep, at current people only raise skills for the hell of it or to get a title, all finshed skills people can get divine fairly easy now, well other then scribe.
I said also in one of my posts that you should be near a anvil/forge to, maybe a table for alch, workbench for carp or so.

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