Topic: New client ideas

CC from illusorystudios boards:

Ive got a few ideas regarding the new client or this client.
First off for guilds...
Would it be possible for guildhalls to collect taxes from the house nearby?
This could also be extended to maybe having a major guildhall or two in each city that collected taxes from the vendors there.  Some cities would obviously be worth more so guildhalls would have real value.
If there were more than one GH in a city you could also create something competitive to see who controlled more / all of the vendors and houses.  Such as an automatic guild war each week or it could just be whatever guild has more cumulative levels or whatever.
Second idea would, what about local banking?
Faldon is a fairly small world and there are quite a few cities.  I think local banking would add more fun and danger to the world.  You could implement things like caravans for which you could pay to transfer items safely.  (Id vote local items, universal gold).
And as an addendum to that, I think that no auras outside cities and perhaps major leveling areas would add some fun, so transferring items would actually be a risk.
Essentially I think there should me more risk in Faldon.
Id also vote for a % chance to drop an equipped item when killed outside a city / dueling zone / leveling zone.