Topic: Player Stats

What do you guys think about the current player stat system?  I liked the introduction of the constitution stat this client(since mag determining run never made very much sense).  However I thought the pvp system was hurting a little without aglility stat.

I propose incorporating properties of the old Agl skill into Def stat.  I would do this by giving defense the ability to block a percentage of an attack based on the level of the skill with a smaller chance to totally block an attack.  I would also tie in shields to this stat as well.  This way it would make defense useful again and it would be an easy fix as far as balancing issues go with one-handed weapons vs two-handed.


Re: Player Stats

Well If we keeping the sorta same stat system then I think there should be just str,agi,stam,mag,int. Con just makes healers and potions useless and give unlimited run(removing a lot strategy) and then its sorta worthless after 400.  Not sure how def was last client but its fairly useless in this one. Agi should increase the defense of a player instead.
Maybe can look at a whole lot of different stat systems and see whats best. I think something not too basic, but not too advance either. Which leaves room for strategies but not too complicated for people to use.

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