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School's finally out. My plan for the summer is as follows:

1) work student job that I got
2) learn to play guitar
3) exercise a lot
4) work on the Faldon rewrite

Hard life. smile

So, about the Faldon rewrite, yesterday I gutted some of the needless complexity and as a result boats, etc. anything that'll hold people and is over 1x1 tile will only support four directions, which makes the code a lot more manageable. I'll spend some of tomorrow finishing up the changes I've made, and then testing. With ten weeks I should be able to make good progress, considering basic scripting and all that jazz are already supported, so in truth the code's been near the barrier to usefulness for a long time now..

As far as the student job goes it involves characterizing the behavior of turbine blades when they're placed in odd situations. I've only been there one day and have a lot of catching up to do, but it'll be a good experience.

On another note I finally got around to looking at how PayPal IPN works. So I've automated the current Faldon order system. Stat resets come in about 15-30 seconds after order, likewise for players. It'll be good since John, having his own business now, doesn't really have time to put them in, and since orders used to go to his e-mail I never was really clear on which he'd done and whatnot. Now that I know how to work with IPN, it should be easy to do again if need be.


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Well, yeah, it'll be more code for pathfinding in the long term. However it's nothing compared to the nightmare that has been working with floating point pathfinding code.

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Im glad you're back Zer.. it's funny, just yesterday I thought of coming here knowing how you came back last summer.  Good luck.

Did I hear "boats"???

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Ah great news. oh you able to do carts then? smile

Haven't really checked theses message boards in ages, as of late I got a new toy a harrier phone tongue and I found a Playstation emulator for it, so I'm able to play my old fav Playstation games on my phone smile And currently they are now able to run windows 95/98 (slowly since you need a few programs to get it running) so maybe I could try it out, then try to play faldon. haha that be sweet. tongue

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Hi, Zer,
How is your progress at playing  guitar?