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Ive been an on and off Faldon player for about 5-6 years now and Ive had some great times with the game. I liked when the current client was designed to have the "C" account because it kept lag down and enabled serious players to use features that most couldnt. For the new client, if anyones interested, I had a few ideas that I think could raise Faldon's income.

1.The first thing would be to have an automatic account manager that would accept payments as well as activate account changes instantaniously. This way people could get there C account and use it right away, as well as save coma the trouble of setting each account up manually. I am aware however that to do this would require a new secure server to manage accounts, and may not be cost effective.

2. If a server like the one mentioned in idea 1 was gotten, it would open a whole new set of profitable possibilities. Instead of just paying for "C time", a person could buy say 'faldon dollors' off the website and would be able to purchase in game items from the webstore. Items could include anything from 'one time only super spells', to say a guild halls or mabye even have a super rare item auction. They do the online store in another game  called "Fly for Fun(http://flyff.gpotato.com/)" quite effectivly.

3. Other ideas that i had include permanent pets you have to pay for on website, C only map areas, Only C's can lead in game lvl parties, "C chat" and many others if anyone is interested.

Just doing my best to help out with the new faldon



Re: C account ideas

I never liked the idea of C accounts period in Faldon. Back a few years ago about half of us probably would have never played. A lot of you older players will probably remember how basically Faldon was a huge group of people that played Odyssey first basically. But we used to have a blast playing Faldon, Odyssey, BC. It was fun and they were all free ...hell we were all like 14 and didn't have cash anyway.

I do understand that you have to make money and yes perhaps an online store is ok for that. But i don't like C accounts at all. Sell people money...items...houses...whatever. But don't slap the people who either can't afford to pay or choose not to in the face. I think it divides the community in game anyway and creates a little bit of elitism.


Re: C account ideas

Citizenship is really improving right now; I like the recent additions.. C-only religion, a future C-only map..  I think if benefits continue to be added it will be great.


Re: C account ideas

C is not just a way to make a few bucks...its a neccesity.

Im sure everyone would want the game to be free...but games are not free...they have basic server costs.

Im sure if a "Donation" link was put on the Illusory Studios Site..it wouldnt get many clicks.

Hell...i had over 10k hits to my Faldon Guide and not once was i offered any financial help or inspiration to develop the site further.

People are just greedy its that simple.