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What are you thoughts about getting exp from a creature even if the you do no completely kill the creature.  Maybe make it so that each hit gives you some of the creatures full exp.  For example, lets say a wolf has a full potential of 100 exp.  The first time I hit it I do 10 damage.  So, I get 10 exp.  The next time I hit him for 15 so I get 15 exp.  Then by the time he only has 1 hp left and I die, then person standing there watching me and waiting to steal my kill doesn't get all 100 exp.  The wolf only has a potential to give out 1 exp since 1 exp = 1 hp out of 100.  Am I making myself clear, or should I try to further explain my idea?



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Well, I've thought of and suggested similar ideas.  The real question is what happens with monsters that heal themselves?  Could someone use that as an infinite exp source?  What about mages who use pets? (personally, I'd like to see the mages using pets get zero xp for the hitpoints removed by their pets.. or perhaps only 1/4 xp... it's sad when any monster in the game can be soloed by a mage using hordes of slimes.)


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Maybe give the creature a limited amount of givable exp.  Lets say a group of new players goes and attacks a blue dragon (can't think of a healing creature right off hand) and each person dies one a at a time.  Still, while they are all attacking they are all taking from the creatures exp "pool" with percentages respecting percent of hp taken from Max limit of their hp; but only giving out a certain amount exp until maybe it's health regenerates fully or respawns.  Either way it would take about the same amount of time for the exp gain to fully regenerate from the level at which someone trying to infite lvl off of the same creature.  So, who would care if the person was trying to infinite level off of the creature because it takes the same amount of time.  This could also be translated as sparring or actual real life training.


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Well, the problem with, say, regenerating the XP when the health fully regens is say you come across a dragon and kill it, but the dragon had 2999/3000 hitpoints and someone else already took all it's available XP and died.  Now you've wasted the time and effort to kill him, but get nothing.


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Not really.  The dragon is going to x number of seconds to get back up to that amount.  Why not (as mentioned in my last post) implement a timer to regenerate exp?  Maybe an all at once shot like casting gheal fully restores (some) people health bar, or gradualy like con increases hp over time.


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Or it gets Xp for killing people...

I keep my ideals, because in spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.


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I never thought of that either....actually I think I really like that.....except someone with like 5mill exp could keep going to that creature and let the creature kill them.  Then, take a lower lvl char and power lvl off that creature by gaining 5mill exp + Creature exp.


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Visualcode wrote:

Oh! I love that idea!!! Then I can macro my IM's and I can practice
my MA and I can get exp and MA Yay!!!! GO ME!

In what world would that ever work ?


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I think a system of getting XP from hitting a monster might work if you only got the XP after the monster died and the monster had to die within a certain time period of you attacking it.


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these ideas are great and all but where dose that leave a char playing as a mage you all might have fast computers but for the ppl that don't how are thay supposed to level as a mage?


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Go kill stuff like everyone else?

I mean, back in the old days when it was hard to level I had a mage that I leveled just fine by killing monsters.