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Ok.  I know every once in a while someone comes a long with nothing else to do and wants to help the faldon community.  They usualy start by saying how can I help, and eventualy work to towards "can I learn to script for you?"  Well here it is.  Can I help script for you?  I don't have much experience, but I would be willing to try.  I know it takes forever for scripts to be implimented, blah, blah.  Maybe it's just my midnight rantings, or my love to program and code.  How could I start being of service to the community? (besides playing and contributing ideas already tossed around by hundreds of other players)




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Feel free to try to learn scripting.  Nothing stopping you.  You can try downloading my script editor (which I think includes example scripts and the function reference) and dabble.  If you come up with anything useful, talk to a GM about getting it checked and possibly uploaded.


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What's the deal with spawning?  What is the spawn bug?  Could it be fixed with corrected scripts?


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Also, how would I be able to test scripts to know if I am even doing things correctly?


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If by spawn bug you mean getting lag boxes after you respawn, that's a server issue and really only correctable by Zer.  If you mean monsters sometimes not spawning, there's no way to correct that by script either really.

As for testing the scripts, you wouldn't have any other way other than to have a GM check it.


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Oh.  Well, what kind of script should I be working toward?  I wouldn't really want to start writing a bunch of if then statments and clauses for no purpose.  Also, is there a specific scripting language used; or is my only means of knowledge coming from your examples?


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The scripting language is "Small" which is similar to C.


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k, thnx.  I will tinker around with this. big_smile  C is fun.  Oh yeah, any certain type of script that I should be working towards? (not something that needs implimenting, rather something that others have done or are trying to do.  This way I am actually working towards a goal instead of just working on a bunch of nothings.)


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Is SMALL now known as PAWN?


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Yes, it would appear so.  However, note that Faldon's implimentation of it is near 4-5 years old... so it doesn't necessarily follow the current version of Small/Pawn.


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Oh.  Is there a list of global functions and variables I should know about?


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I am sorry I didn't assume that all of the global variables and functions I am to use were included in the examples.  That's my fault I should have done less research and more plug and chug coding.  I did download his package before coming to here.  I did make a couple little scripts that do nothing other than check charid and add little worthless things to the char.  nvm


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hahaha Tareim, that wasn't sarcasm.  I'm not angry at all.  I don't feel I did a good job expressing myself, and I'm not sure as to how to take your messages either.  Is it irritation or agreement?  (I'm not sure if you are angry at me either, that's just the way that I am understanding the message.  This is why I disslike disscussion forums.)  So, Tar.  What have you coded?  Maybe this will give an idea of something to try.  After this I will stop posting here and start going back to the spam boards for answers.  Thnx in advance.


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Yeah, I'm a programmer in my spare time.  I learned by example and not classes. smile  I only asked about globals because I didn't know if there was a set of these that everyone was going by that were excluded from the examples, but it's ok.  Oh yeah, forget.  Not supposed to post here anymore. big_smile  I don't want to clog development with offtopic disscussions. (No sarcasm)

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Isn't all of this about fun? wink  Any guesses on the scripting language for new server?


NVM this. forgot that the new server isn't being worked on yet.