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Topic: Music/Audio

I think you should create multiple tunes for the game and write the client aswell i could produce a few different styles of tune on Reason for the game if whoever this concerns could reply id like to hear from someone.

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Re: Music/Audio

I think the majority of people that play MP3's outweigh those that listen to the faldon music tongue

Although i had a listen through the Music folder and their are some funky tunes in there....some ive never heard in-game


Re: Music/Audio

Or, better yet, a setting for an MP3 directory.  So that you don't have to make multiple copies.


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Well, I personally prefer windowed anyhow.. but, I believe there are some media players or plugins or settings for WinAmp or similar that allow you to set some hotkeys for controlling the music... like a pause, skip, and rewind type buttons.  But, either way, I'm not sure that you'll ever see it happen simply because MP3 is a copywritten format and despite no one listening to that, at last I had heard on the matter, any games or programs that want to support MP3 playback had to pay Fraunhofer a licensing fee or royalties or something.  This may or may not be true, but would be a major problem if true.


Re: Music/Audio

I dont see the big deal with just saving a playlist in winamp etc that you can startup before faldon starts.