Topic: Controller not found on Mac

I have an Xbox controller connected to my Mac (using a USB cable).  I have the appropriate driver installed.  The driver includes a System Preferences tool to test/verify the device is working, and I get feedback in that app when I use the controller.  Also, in the "About this Mac" / "System Report"; under Hardware / USB, I see (under the USB 3.0 Bus category) the Microsoft controller with the Product Id and Vendor Id listed.

But, when I run the HidSharp.Test code, it only lists the Apple Keyboard & Mouse stuff - not the game controller as expected. 

When I log "DeviceList.Local.ToString()" I see:  Mac OS HID

Any advise or controller suggestions (even if it means buying a different one) would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


Re: Controller not found on Mac

What driver do you mean? Is it a HID compatibility driver of some kind? Typically, XBox controllers are custom USB devices, not USB HID devices. (Entirely about market dominance. Microsoft does not have any good technical reason for this, but, there it is...)