Topic: Multi HID Devices on USB HID Sharp

Win7  32

Does HIDsharp allow me to have the following report, prefably xls,  Have 2 or more USB RFID readers, all identical.  No serial numbers or vid pid.  Only thing different is the hub/port number.  One line for each reader.

hub/port #
Last data string transmitted from USB  (about 14 character tag number)  max of 2 reads per second

As each string comes in it will be sent off to Excel for processing by location , and the next reading is put there (or overwritten).

A model railway project to track rolling stock.

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Charles Harris
New Zealand


Re: Multi HID Devices on USB HID Sharp

Hi Charles,

Do these readers communicate over USB HID?

If they do, they will have identifiable VID and PID. If they do not have unique serial numbers, you could try distinguishing them by DevicePath (which is OS-specific and assigned by Windows).

Hope this helps,