Topic: HIDSharp on Raspberry

I've got Stamps.com scale (Vendor ID 0x1446, Product ID 0x6A73) and in Windows HIDSharp reads the scale's byte stream fine (minor change in Test project => loader.GetDevices(0x1446, 0x6A73).First() ).

However, when running the same source on Mono (Debian Linux on a Raspberry Pi), the scale is not found.

Do you have any suggestions on how I can resolve this and get the scale recognized?

Many thanks in advance,
Clay Ver Valen


Re: HIDSharp on Raspberry

Couple things to check...

libudev.so version? Is it libudev.so.0?

What kernel version does the Raspberry Pi run? Is it at least 2.6.36? (hidraw support)

If so, what are the permissions on /dev/hidraw0, 1, etc. on your device? The default is often root.