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I have an idea.  Perhaps a reorganization to the boards might make them more useful.  That is, if you have a board for "new server suggestions" then people can post ideas that won't be relevent until the new server is being worked on have a place to post their ideas where you will be able to look back at when you start writing the new server.  Similarly, a forum for "new client suggestions" so that when you are looking to see what sorts of things people would like to see in the new client you have a place to look.

Just thought that might be a bit more organized and useful for you.


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These ones and people are suggesting things a lot, but they're going to get lost in all the other stuff, which is why I was thinking it would be good for him to organize it in such a way that they don't get lost.


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Also the Client/Server sections will need to be moderated as some people may not know which one a suggestion falls under big_smile