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I was thinking to myself, the Faldon rewrite is going to take a long time to do.
Why not do some tiny games for fun in the meantime? It'd relieve the tedium of it all.
So I decided to learn JavaScript. Anyway, that's been three or four days now.
I made a little game. Click here to go play it.


Re: If you're bored

haha nice, tho the pics took a while to load up, and a hp bar is needed~

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Re: If you're bored

Does it run unplayably slow for anyone else?  I'm using Firefox on Linux and man is it slow.

Also, aren't the little men at the top the HP or are they supposed to be lives?


Re: If you're bored

That wasn't what I suspected when I clicked the link.  But good big_smile


Re: If you're bored

finally my dream of a game that combines elements of galaga with apples comes to fruition.

thank you. smile


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What no one realizes is that this is the new Faldon client. tongue


Re: If you're bored

but flash also takes forever i was gonna learn it but then the hard drive that i had my stuff on died... i think i'll download it again whenever i get the drive working again! just figured you'd like to know my useless information...