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Hey zer i was wondering if you would be able to get my password back because my char got hacked and i lost old email password if there is anyway you can do this i would greatly appreciate it.


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The thing is illum told me to post here and read up about email


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While it is true that this is probably the only place you could get Zer's attention, it's not true that Zer handles account issues.  Thus, the message is a more or less a waste.  However, if you look on the main Illusory Studios website under the account upgrade section, you'll see an email address at the bottom that you can use to contact Coma.

However, I question why everyone "loses" their password all the time.  Why didn't you enter a valid email address when creating the account so that you can password retrieve?  It makes all this "omg!  I lost my password to the character "Zer", can you get it back for me!?" seem so very fishy.


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The account was originally clairs but it was given to me...and when i was on holiday i let my frend log and he changed pw and forgot it cuz he is a bit loopy


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i would even be able to tell u old pws to characters


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how...anyone know her email adress?


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I will translate tyrranus's drunken speak to plain English for easier reading:

or you could be saying you did. I mean, they can't just give the pass to the average bloke that is saying he was given it without proof.


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lol good point there spec but the thing is that she never told me her email...so shuld i just leave char behind?