Topic: Smooth scrolling - bother or not?

The question: should I bother supporting smooth scrolling for GUI listboxes, scrolling areas, etc. like current Faldon or shall I just not bother (and leave it with scrolling that instantaneously goes to where it's supposed to be)? Admittedly it looks neat but it also makes it take a lot longer to scroll to where you want to be. Coma and I don't like the smooth scrolling feature, but what do you all think?


Re: Smooth scrolling - bother or not?

I always have disabled it because it is so annoying. tongue

Another similar issue with the old UI that I assume won't carry over, but just in case... in the old UI if you grab the scroll box on the chat window and drag, the box would stop, but not at the bottom of the chat window.


Re: Smooth scrolling - bother or not?

Sometimes I find it annoying, really I dont think you should bother with it.

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Re: Smooth scrolling - bother or not?

Destroy that evil delay whatever the cost