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Becoming M should never be a stepping stone to GM for a few reasons.

The difference between an M and a lvl1 GM in terms of manipulative power is slim.

To be a GM i feel you should posess some skill in a relative area. I dont see why anyone that cant script or map edit should be made into a position that needs one or both.

In this instance if someone possesses the skills then they could be bumped staright to GM without being an M and still have the relative same power of change as if they where an M.

An M is not a lower lvl GM, it is a different job entirely. but this topic has gone way off topic.


Re: Chatter code online, new version of NetIRC

Visualcode wrote:

I never stated that an M should learn to map edit. I simply said that that is the only way to learn.
Jesus seems to think M's should not be able to move up to GM. But how else would we get map

I never meant that M's should never be a made Gms i meant that it should not be the only reason someone is made M. Also i did not know the M's posessed the ability to map edit.

And your right the GM's probably dont like their maps edited but the fact is these people are not around anymore so they dont get a choice in the matter.

If they where asigned areas much like zammbi was when he first got promoted then they could practice and perfect their ability.

My point was i feel that unles they can show a reason why their talent would be beneficial to the game as a Gm then they should stay where they are.


Re: Chatter code online, new version of NetIRC

Well whats the next stage after development....Maintenance. If they are not there to provide maintanence then someone else needs to be and with maintenance comes changes and improvements.