Topic: Network code works, just needs testing

I've finally got the network code to the point where I can start using it. It's built on top of the network code I recently added to the Common Code library, which by the way has a new version up today. The network code supports two protocols, the Faldon one and a better one. The Faldon network code connects fine and reads packets with no problems; I'm going to start on a chat client of sorts to give it better real-world testing (with the Faldon server).

Funny thing about the Faldon server, speaking of which. Before this I'd never written anything that just printed out what channels and data each packet from the server had, so I never noticed. It turns out that the timeout code doesn't check if the player being timed out is still connected to the game, and so every second it broadcasts to all players that a player has left. It's the same player many times in a row, a huge waste of bandwidth. Will be uploading a fix in a couple days.