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Sorry for not updating for a while. Once I get pathfinding working right (I ran into a couple design flaws so I'll have to change a number of things) and then client side smooth simulation of some paths I'll probably make a post about that. One thing I haven't mentioned that I did a while ago was dropped compatibility with the current Faldon server, since I figured that is not really worth the time and is actually quite hard to get things compatible enough architecturally. As a result I've been working on a new server at the same time. They share quite a bit of code, and hm what else to mention, I ripped the chat command setup from World of Warcraft? Anyhow so there'll be an update at some point but it won't be yet. On which note I need to split the boards into Client, Server, and Logic sections, since that's how it's split up codewise, well maybe a Chat suggestion section too but chat is probably too basic to have its own board


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Hm, I've been procrastinating on the pathfinding code since it'll be a pain, so I've been working on other parts that'll have to be done eventually anyway. I'm writing sound code right now (using OpenAL), and earlier I got some of the accounts system code in. I'm using MIT Kerberos for that. Hopefully there aren't any pitfalls w.r.t. that, since the documentation was cryptic and I've never used it before. We'll see


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what about the actual in game music ?

will it change ect


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The in game music will remain the same unless someone has donated new music, which I don't believe anyone has.


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Jim hasn't said much recently about his progress or possible lack there of.  As for the music, personally I don't see the point.  Most people I've talked to disable the ingame music and either listen to nothing or play some MP3s or a CD instead.