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The one part of the site with the "to-do" list mentions a bug about character art not being set to looping.  When this is fixed, will my custom art (catbert armor has its own character art) also be fixed?

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Re: Character art question @ Zer

While I remember about it , will crossbows get its own action?, so art can be made for it. Also throwing stars have no throw action if I remember right. Also if a person casts a spell you dont see there spell casting action, you only see spell actons for your spells you cast.

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Re: Character art question @ Zer

The problem with crossbow animation or throwing star animation is that Coma would have to animate and render out that motion.  THEN he has to rerender each armor, weapon, boot, helmet, etc to also move in the proper animations.  These not only means LOTS more work, but LOTS more file size.